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Hello, I'm Larry Crovatt. Welcome to my Web site.

I have over forty years of Plastics Technology experience with Major Medical Device Companies and Industrial Polymer Manufacturers
(i.e. Johnson & Johnson Medical, Monsanto Plastics Corporation, and others).

My major strengths are in Industrial Engineering Polymers with added Specialty in Polyurethanes and Nylons; Including Polymer Synthesis, Extrusion and Melt Processing Technology, Equipment Design, Selection, and Facility Layout.

Principal Areas of Experience include:

Polymer Materials Selection
Raw Materials Selection, including Colorants, and Additives
Formulation and Process Developments in:

Polymer Synthesis
Injection Molding
Wire Coating

Set up of Complete Line Systems comprising:

Extrusion lines (tubing, wire coating, monofiliments, film, and other)
Polymer Synthesis (Polyurethanes, Nylons, Polyesters, and other)
Injection Molding Operations and Materials Handling systems
Product Testing and Packaging
SPC turn-key Process Validation and Training

Strength in problem solving with the proven ability to get the job done:

This includes having good working relationships with highly reliable outside testing laboratories; and close contact with other plastics technologists, associates that I can readily call upon for additional technical support whenever needed.

I attribute the success in my consulting service to my combined expertise of Polymer Chemistry with Process Engineering. Most Plastics Consultants don’t carry this combination of both disciplines. 
It is this level of technical strength together with the attention placed on teamwork and communication that gives the added assurance of successful projects with my clients.

I invite you to give me a call or email to discuss your program needs and determine how I may be of assistance in helping you achieve your goals in the most cost effective and time saving manner

After hearing from you I would be very happy to then supply you with my Consulting Fee Schedule for your review and consideration. The schedule also outlines the general manner in which I conduct my service and can be modified to best serve the clients needs.



Polymer Materials Selection and Sourcing (Medical & Industrial Applications)

Custom polymer synthesis
Raw material monomer ingredients expertise
Additive modifiers


Reinforcing agents


High Performance Engineering Polymers


Expertise in the molding and extrusion process in the Industrial Applications end-use area (e.g. Nylons, Polyurethanes, Polyesters, Polyacetals, Polycarbonates, Polysulfones, and others)

Injection, Ram, and Compression molding
Tubing extrusion (e.g. brake cable liners, misc automotive and electrical extruded parts)
Monofilaments extrusion (e.g. consumer personal and industrial brushes)
Extruded rod, sheet, profile, and slab
Extruded film (lay-flat and blown film)
Wire coating (e.g. cable, industrial and automotive)

Equipment Sourcing and Selection Assistance

Turn-key Startup, through Equipment, Process and Product Validations
Personnel training through validations

High Performance Medical Polymers Extrusion and Molding Process Development and Troubleshooting


Design of Experiments, including Process Validation, Equipment Selection and Floor Plan Layout
FDA (IQ/OQ/PQ) Validations


Polyurethanes, Polysulfones, Polycarbonates, Silicones, PEEK and others

Balloon & IV Catheter tubing extrusion process developments.

Specialty in Medical Grade Polyurethanes Polymer Synthesis

Lab Scale Custom Synthesis through Pilot Plant and Production level scale-up.
Experienced in Continuous and Batch Polymerization Manufacture

Pre-polymer and One-Shot Method Polymerization Processes
Lab and plant facility floor plans
Reactor Equipment selection

Meter Mix & Dispense Reactors
Continuous Twin Screw Compounding Reactors
Stirred Kettle Batch Reactors

Turn-key Startup, through Equipment, Process and Product Validations
Personnel training through validation and startup productions

Extrusion Expertise in Medical Tubing and Monofilaments

R&D through Manufacture scale-up

Heart pacemaker lead tubing
Intravenous and Balloon Catheter tubing
Surgical Suture monofilaments

Specifying of equipment components and installation
Turn-key Startup including Equipment, Process and Product Validations
Screw design selection
Tooling (die designs) selections
Training of lab and manufacturing personnel

Achieving high yield final product quality

Wire Coating Extrusion Expertise

R&D through Manufacture scale-up in ultra-thin layer “fluoropolymer” coated Medical grade wire

Specifying of equipment components and installation
Turn-key Startup including Equipment, Process and Product Validations
Screw design selection
Tooling (die designs) selections
Training of lab and manufacturing personnel

Achieving high yield final product quality

Biocompatible Plastic Component Materials Selection (Implantable devices)

Injection mold design

Molding process development through validations

Superior quality
Smooth surface properties
Significantly reduced or eliminated 'stress cracking tendency'

Preparation of Polymeric Wear Debris Particles for FDA Biological Response Studies
Gel-free Extrusion and Molded Products

Achieved through the utilization of special design state-of-art micron filtration technology combined with other requirements in equipment design, setup and processing conditions


Polymer Alloys, Reinforcements, Colorants, Stabilizers, and Blends Technology

Twin Screw Compounding Extrusion
Equipment selection and process development

Troubleshooting Stress Cracking Problems in Molded Parts

Causes of & Corrective Action

Materials Testing and Specification Requirements

Recommendations on Incoming Raw materials and Finished product

Statistical Process Control Implementation and Training
Chemical and Physical Properties Testing Expertise

Excellent knowledge and working relationships with highly reliable outside testing laboratories including several university lab services.
Broad background knowledge in this area, including:

Applied Melt Rheology (MFI and Instron Melt Rheometry)
Molecular Weight Investigation Considerations (e.g. GPC)
Crystallinity/morphological studies and influence of properties
Moisture analyses (accuracy +- 0.002%) and influence
Physical properties (tensile, modulus, impact, creep, etc.)

Patent Documentation Assistance

Expert Witness (e.g. Research assistance on Patent Infringement questions/issues)

Personnel Training

Laboratory and Plant Operations





Principal Scientist, R&D, Implantable Products
Materials Research & Process Development Department

My responsibilities included:

Plastic materials selection
Polymers synthesis (R&D and Scale up)
Melt processing development
Tubing extrusion
Injection molding
Materials handling

Provided technical support on existing products and leadership responsibility in new medical product development functions in the manufacture of:

Polyurethane Extruded Intravenous Catheter Tubing in multiple gauges
Numerous molded medical device components

Other responsibilities included:

Statistical process control implementation
Quality improvement process

Cause and effect analysis and design of experiment

Raw materials and end product characterization
Analytical equipment procurements
Laboratory staffing and training

Guided a highly successful polyurethane formulation development and polymer synthesis process development for a new product Polyurethane (Optically Clear Radiopaque) medical grade intravenous catheter tubing in multiple gauge sizes

Met stringent state of the art requirements (commercial launch achieved)
Three U.S. Patent applications were filed (1992)
Product was commercialized by J&J in 1993. (remains commercial)

Project leader in the development of a state-of-art extrusion line and manufacturing process for producing polyurethane catheter tubing, which included:

Selection of all equipment and implementation of process control systems
Raw materials selection, polymerization equipment, compounding, drying, and feeding systems
Extrusion screws and die designs
Extrusion line quenching and haul off equipment
Cutting, packaging, and other necessary extrusion downstream equipment selection and operation

Recipient of:

J&J Medical Inc. Quality Recognition Award (1990)


Senior Technologist, Group Leader R&D
Engineering Plastics Product & Process Development Department

Extensive technology (R&D) career experience and background acquired in engineering thermoplastic polymers for Extrusion and Injection molded applications

Additional experience in polyolefins and thermoplastic elastomers

Chief functions (hands-on) in laboratory and pilot plant scaleup:

Processing technology in:

Screw extrusion
Injection molding
Compounding (Twin-screw and FCM equipment)
Polymer Blending
Polymer Alloying
Polymer Reaction Reaction Grafting

Applications Research experience in:

Injection and Compression Molding
Extruded tubing
Extruded Monofiliments
Extruded Blown film
Extruded Sheet and Profile

New product developments aimed at special high performance environmental demand end-use areas requiring a good working knowledge of:

Polymer crystallinity/morphology
Additive agents stabilizations:


Including larger scale polymer special modifications influence using:


Reinforcing materials (fibers)
Impact modifiers
Flame retardants

Monsanto’s Plastics Marketing Technical Service 

Responsible for:

New Pilot and Commercial polymer resin product introductions
Assistance to customers in materials selection in special high performance applications
Troubleshooting in Extrusion processing (e. g. tubing, filaments, film, sheet, wire coating)
Troubleshooting in Injection molding processing



Principal Developer in Commercial Launches of over 10 New Industrial Engineering Polymer Products ….most remaining commercial success today.
Principal Developer in Commercial Launch of State of the Art ‘Optically Clear Radiopaque’ IV Catheter Tubing…J&J Medical …This product remains a high commercial success today.
Primary Inventor on Seventeen (17) U.S. Patents 
Recognition Awards:

Monsanto Plastics 
Johnson & Johnson Medical 


Baylor University Department of Chemistry

Post Graduate Research

University of North Carolina

M.S. in Chemistry

Major: Organic Chemistry

Thesis: Synthesis and Addition Polymerization Initiator Properties
of Benzenesulfonyl Peroxide

University of Georgia

B.S. in Chemistry

Major: Organic


American Chemical Society
Society of Plastics Engineers


Available on Request


I would be very happy to supply you with my Consulting Fee Schedule for your review and consideration. The schedule also outlines the general manner in which I conduct my service and can be modified to best serve the client’s needs.Type your paragraph here.